Technical support

Landini Service, through its network of independent dealers offer a range of agricultural products guaranteed to always deliver exceptional performance, backed up with top quality service and rapid response to your technical

requirements. We at ARGO Tractors South Africa supply continual support through our specialised technical team to the dealer network which ensures timeous solutions attuned to your agricultural requirements.

Striving to supply the end user with a high level of service and a pleasant customer experience.


Technical support team

Field Support

Travelling personnel who support dealer technicians directly in the field


Management of the warranty procedures carried out by the dealer network


Management of technical training to the dealer networks technicians as well as daily maintenance and operator training.


Our modern, fully-equipped Service & Parts Departments strive for peace of mind. Spare Parts Service works in order to guarantee to each tractor the highest level of reliability and efficiency during time, offering original components of first equipment. The original. Spare Parts Service works in order to guarantee to each tractor the highest level of reliability and efficiency during time, offering original components of first equipment. Original Spare Parts are important for those who want to safeguard their tractor. They are developed by experts who really knows the machine, since they designed and built it. Original Argo Parts Spare Parts are the certainty of total reliability and convenience, as they guarantee to the tractors a quality work, high productivity and long life of the machine. Moreover, replacing the worn component with an Original Spare Part, you will have 12 months warranty on that piece. Original Argo Parts spare parts are easily identifiable; together with a customized packaging, each component is characterized by a unique part number, description and bar code to enable an automated management system. Each Argo Parts spare part is labeled with a tamper-proof hologram that certifies originality and quality standard.


At Beveratech Agri Equipment, we offer top class repairs and maintenance services for all agricultural machinery. Thanks to extensive training and years of experience within the agricultural machinery field, we can ensure that our technicians are experts in maintenance, repairs and servicing of all agricultural implements. Our services include inspection, failure analysis, overhaul and repairs. We offer field service in which our technicians drive out to a client in order to carry out necessary services. Our field service offers our clients the opportunity to observe our services, network/interact with our technicians and gain overall convenience.


Beveratech Agri has only been a Landini Lubricant supplier since 2020. Each lubricant has to be designed and developed alongside the machine, therefore Landini decided to create its own complete range of lubricants. This original range is suited for product categories that range from engine, shift, and transmission oils, to grease and engine coolant additives.

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